DMS reinvented

Intuitive, easy to use and connected. Shift is more than a new dealer and workshop management system (DMS), it’s the perfect companion for your business and your team.

A solution adapted to car dealerships and workshops
Dealer Management System?

With the best of technology, Shift covers the business and operational needs of your business.

Tired of austere tools and wasted time doing manual checks? Simplify your life with Shift. Designed in close collaboration with car dealership technicians and sales representatives, Shift provides much more than a simple management tool. It is a real digital lever for your daily life that will bring you many services. On your computer desk or on your tablet, it is easy to handle. You will like to consult it and use it for the many aids it provides. Compliance with manufacturer procedures, intelligent alerts at the right time, multimedia possibilities (photos, videos, sms, etc.), dematerialization and centralization of data, etc.

The essential points for your point of sale and car maintenance.

Optimized for Windows 11 or Microsoft Surface tablets: Capture photos and videos, collect digital signatures, take it all with you...

All the advanced functions of your DMS are available on your office or workshop computers, but also when working remotely or on the move...


SMS and Push notifications for your team or for your customers Zero-paper digital exchanges and documents or signatures. Keep in touch.

Shift covers all your needs. It helps you improve the quality of your team’s work by improving information sharing and communication. It also allows you to increase the quality perceived by your customers thanks to the automatic production of complete and documented reports. It also helps you avoid human errors with intelligent alerts on compliance with manufacturer procedures and relevant statistics and KPIs. Automatic reminders and notifications also help your team be proactive in any situation. Shift is about making technology rhyme with peace of mind.
Repair Orders

Plan your customer appointment, document the receipt of the vehicle with the camera of your tablet, create the list of defects and work: all that remains is to collect your customer's digital signature on your tablet or remotely.


Attach and complete your business procedure forms, or any media: PDF, photos, videos. Build loyalty and make your customers happy by delivering transparent, high-quality documentation that highlights your work and your professionalism.

Parts and labor

Your core business at the center of Shift: Easily clock the hours of your technicians with our integrated module. Take advantage of automatic links between your work, your supplier orders and your stock of parts.

Invoices, KPIs, Reminders

Take advantage of statistical management reports to optimize your business.

Automatically schedule reminders to take care of your customers.

Export your data easily.


Customer repair orders, warranty, transfer of vehicles, competition, time clocks in the workshop or on the move...


Stock management, inventory, management of supplier orders, receipt of packages. Management of your references by barcode...

CRM - Customers

Invoicing and documented report, digital contacts by SMS or e-mail, satisfaction notice, automatic reminders...


Profits, workshop profitability, occupancy rate... your business management facilitated by visual indicators in real time...

Aurélien Gourmaud
Porsche Poitiers
Workshop Technician

Since using Shift, we have had a clear view of our business. Scheduling my team and my client reminders is made easier.

Antoine Sardet
Porsche Poitiers
After sales manager

In the workshop, Shift allows us to quickly enter information by completing the procedures directly on the tablet: from the time stamp of the workforce, to the signing of the test report before delivery.

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